Looking for ​Professionals to Be Part of Your Team?

SerKy Consulting, LLC is all about helping companies create synergy by forming dynamic teams of skilled professionals. We offer staffing placement for businesses in industries that require large head counts to operate, and we mostly work with high-volume manufacturers and healthcare companies in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Apart from sourcing staff, we also offer business consulting services to companies all over the world. We specialize in the implementation of human capital management strategies for businesses in the healthcare, public service, and retail industries. In the future, we also hope to provide businesses with human resource and payroll services.

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Exceptional Services Rooted in Exemplary Leadership

At SerKy Consulting, LLC, we are highly passionate about what we do. We provides staffing placement services to high-volume businesses in Atlanta, Georgia. We also provide business consulting services to clients all over the world, specifically the implementation of human resource management strategies.